Profit: $334,450.13. How many traders are making the same level of profits?

Only Banks & Hedge Funds?

Consider this, hundreds of traders earn thousands of dollars on Forex daily. They are no better than you, but they have a system and don't want to share it with anyone to make more money for themselves.


Doesn't Demand Trading Experience.

Doesn't Demand Large Investments.

Doesn't Demand Special Knowledge.



Today's Date:

  Dear trader, would you believe me if I told you that you could earn more than most people earn in a month in only a few hours a day?

Before you shout "NO" take a look at this:









There are many strategies in the world, and the majority of them are profitable if you know how to use them! 

One problem is that emotions and irrationality can stand in the way of properly using those strategies.

Forex market is controlled by Fear and Greed: at first we are afraid to enter the market, and then we don't want to leave it as we hope to earn as much as possible.

Our inability to understand all of the rules and instructions of strategy leads to failure. 

This is the reason the majority (95%) of traders are not earning money on Forex, and instead losing it!  And you already probably know it...

About 2% of traders fall into another group. They sometimes earn money and sometimes lose it, but are constantly in an "Up-Down" mode.

The final 3% of traders are the ones we call "champions." They earn huge money everyday. Would you like to join these 3%?



  No Fundamental Analysis.

 No Technical Analysis.

  No Researches -Fibonacci levels, Bollinger bands and other!

  No 60-hour Trade course.

 Just Some Simple Rules You Need to Follow.




     Creator of the FMA System



My name is James Martin, I got acquainted with Forex in 2001.

I decided to become a trader, and like you, I was intrigued by the many possibilities offered by Forex:

Work from home - you can be at home in pajamas and earn for a yacht.

Free Schedule - no matter where you are in the world, you can work any time.

High Earnings - the largest market with possibilities of huge earnings.



During my first three years of trading I lost about $15,000. It's impossible to call my story "an easy way from point A to point B."

It was devilishly difficult and more than once I wanted to quit everything!

The first two years I didn't earn anything, I only lost. By day I worked a construction job, and by night I fell asleep sitting in my chair looking at charts on my monitor.

For 2 years this went on, and then the second stage, the "Up-Down," began.

I earned and lost. It is the most difficult part of my career, earning a thousand today and losing it tomorrow...

With time I've started to make less mistakes...



I couldn't win the market... but I learned to "bite off" it.

That year I managed to earn $127,582.

My earnings started to go up, and with each profitable trade I got more and more freedom...

In one day I woke up and closed the order on a signal and my bank account increased by $17,412.

I spent the money on the beauty you see here.

It's the real story of my life, and many of you will find something familiar. I'm sure that the majority of people reading this is in one of trader stages.

I will tell you that you can leap over a huge field with rakes at once.

Imagine, early in the morning you come up to the computer, close pair of trades, and buy a new BMW... or maybe an Audi?

It's obvious that with the right tool it's impossible to not earn from the 4 trillion market!



For years I was improving the system, developing strategy and how to apply it. I worked up more exact and simple in use indicators.

For its use no trading experience or knowledge of the fundamental and technical analysis is necessary.

You just need to follow the simple instructions and you will surely earn money.

The system is arranged in a way that you earn big profit at minimum risk.



I wanted to check whether the system works only for me or if others were also capable of using it with little effort. So I carried out a beta test.


Number of declared participants: 1823

Active accounts: 987

Average number of trades: 217

Profit: 82,4%

Loss: 17,6%

Max. drawdown: 9,44%



If you think that you don't need to work. The system is simple to use and is convenient and clear, but you will need to make trades.

If you think that there will be only positive trades. The market works in a way that negative trades can not be avoided, it will sometimes happen, and you should be ready to accept it.

If you cannot follow simple rules. I prepared for you simple instructions in which I describe the rules that are necessary to follow.




Like you, many of those who participated in the Beta-Test had no trading experience, but it didn't stop them from doubling their money in a few weeks.

876 traders right after the beta test bought the system and started to use it...

If it turned out for them, it will turn out for you!


  Daniel traded in the market for years and belonged to the group of those who earn and lose. He had no stability. Within two weeks after the beta-test he doubled his starting capital.

  Bryan was a beginning trader, practically without experience of the trade. Before using the system he managed to lose about $2000. In two weeks he increased his deposit and returned all the money he lost.

  Chuck heard about Forex system testing from his friend and had absolutely no idea about trading. Slightly less than a month after the beta-test he almost tripled his deposit.












Highly Profitable. Forex System that works in any market condition.

Easy to Use. Trading experience is not necessary, can be used by beginners.

Safe and Stable. LOW-RISK Trading tool with high win rate percent.

Tested. A unique Forex System with real money results.



I know that the Statements are too big to be shown on this page, but...

I want to show you how high you can rise... The best thing is that there are no limits.

Extremely Low Risk

Maximal Drawdown : 5.13%



Not a Backtest. Not a Photoshop.

These Are Real Results, Real Money Account!


This is one of my accounts. Basically you can count how much I'm making a day, and how much you will be able to make!

It doesn't matter if you have $50, $500, or $5,000 to invest. Eventually you will make as much money as you want!

My results are not unique and possible for each of you. The most interesting thing is that you can start to earn money today with a deposit of only $50, without having any trading experience at all!

Use my experience and knowledge, save time and money. It is possibility to acquire long-term experience and knowledge.


 Study the market for years. No need to waste your time on different research

 Create your own strategy. The work is already done for you.

 Pay tens of thousands for courses

 Buy Forex Signals. No monthly fee, you can open your own Signal service.

 Buy Something else. Forex Money Arrow will be your last forex system.




  Forex Money Arrow is a highly profitable, professional forex trading system for intraday and swing trading.

  There is NO Guesswork. FMA System continually analyzes Forex market and instantly provides you incredibly accurate signals, allowing you to achieve an optimal balance between profit and risk.

  It's Easy to Use. No special skills or knowledge required! Initially it aims to minimize the load of trader, you just need to follow simple rules.

  Low Startup. For this system there is no minimum trading amount, better if you can start your trading with as little as $50.

  5 Minutes to Setup. FMA System installs in few minutes and can be used almost immediately.

  Proven Results. Almost a thousand of people have tested FMA System and it works great, making money for each of us.



Why not?

I see millions of people who have no money to live a life that they deserve...

Every day forums post about someone who lost money on forex...

People buy expensive training courses which don't work...

And we wont even talk about the scam-crap systems out there...

Are you tired of trying every system, robot, and product with no success? Do you feel like a failure because you can't seem to earn any money trading forex?

You are not the only one!

There are thousands of SCAM systems that are not tested. Marketers just sell this or that trading crap without any proof of success. They are selling a leaves without figs.

I live a full life, have a lot of free time, and now I want to help you to succeed on the forex market.

I know it sounds like a cliché, but it's a 100% TRUE. At the time when I started nobody could help me. I was in your shoes, and I know how it feels.

I spent years studying forex, and today I can help you!


   Do you want to work less, and get more?

   Would you like to travel more?

   Would you like to become financially independent?

   Spend more time with your family and friends?


I don't know what your dream is, but that dream that you're holding in your mind, that it's possible! It's possible to earn more and work less, to travel more and become financially independent, you CAN spend more time with your family.

You've probably heard about young forex millionaires... There is nothing fantastic about making money on forex - TODAY EVERYONE CAN DO IT.


That's NOT All... You'll Also Receive
The "Easy Cash" System for $197 FREE


  This is an extremely simple intraday and scalping trading system called "Easy CASH".

I made over $43,798 for the past year using this system for EXTRA profits.

You can trade any currency pair on any time frame and it's incredibly easy to use.

This is the perfect addition to the FMA system and you can get it for free today!

You will double your EARNINGS!

And the best thing - it's not a robot, you’ll have 100% control of all your trades.

You don't have to pay $197, you can get it today totally free!




How much you would be interested in investing in your financially independent future?

How much should this amazing system cost?

How much will you be willing to pay for a system that tells you EXACTLY when to enter the market?

$397?    $497?    $597?

How much is this knowledge worth to you? Answer these questions yourself before we go further.

You can start profiting with Forex Money Arrow Today!

Why try to make money trading Forex the hard way?

When you can make money trading forex the easy way. Without having to study charts, without spending hours researching the market, and without the stress!

     Become Independent

     Be Your Own Boss

     Work From Home

If you used my trading system, you would have made in average 857 Pips in the last month using only one currency pair!

I will give you access to the most unique trading tool for only... $97.

Yep, that's right, you don't have to pay almost a thousand - only $97 and it's a one-time payment.

You may think there is a catch, why am I selling so cheap ?

I'm making more than enough money, and nothing will change If I help you achieve the same level of profits.

I want you to succeed, that's why I don't charge insane price like $1,000...

You Know What ? Only Today:

You will get Forex Money Arrow System for ONLY $27


One-time payment of $27.
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Your Investment Is Fully Protected

By My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee



  Yes! I want to download Forex Money Arrow NOW.

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  Yes! I understand that for this system I will pay today only $27.

  Yes! I know that I can download FMA System right now & try it risk free for 60 days.

One-time payment of $27.
Cancel any time. Full 60-day Guarantee!

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server
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  Contact Us







P.S. Thank you for your time, I hope you will act quickly and will not miss this opportunity with discounts and bonuses. If you are serious about making money on Forex this System is for you.

P.P.S. Don't go the hard way, don't reinvent the wheel - everything is done for you. I think you understand that the FMA System is NOT going to remain on the market forever, so grab it now before it's too late.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’ve never traded Forex before! Can I use Forex Money Arrow System ?
A: This system is incredibly easy to install and use. It will provide you a very accurate signals and you will know exactly when to enter and exit the market!

Q: How much money do I need to start trading with FMA System ?
A: You can trade with as little as $50.

Q: Does the system work from anywhere?
A: Yes, as long as you have an Internet connection you can use this system, no matter where are you from!

Q: How do I know this is not another scam? Why is your system better than other forex stuff?
A: I understand why you are so skeptical, there are thousands of scam systems, robots etc...
I'm making money day by day using this system, we have REAL EVIDENCE that this system is making money and you saw them on this page. FMA was tested by hundreds of traders from over the world and I'm getting a hundreds of positive feedbacks from the REAL People, from the real traders that are making tons of money right now.

Q: Do I have to pay on the monthly basis? Are there any hidden costs?
A: No, it's a one-time payment. It's not a signal service, or something similar.

Q: How long do I need to work per day using your system?
A: You don't have to sit in front of your screens all day - It's more than enough when you check your charts every few hours.

Q: If I have any questions or problems what should I do? Do you provide a Technical support?
A: Yes, of course! Our Support operates around the clock – 24/7. At any time you could ask any questions. Contact us via email - and we will help you.



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